WordPress or custom website. Why WordPress are Better in 2017

WordPress is significantly different than when this post was initially posted in 2009. Back then, WordPress had a little bad rap by being thought of only as “blog” computer software.
That was soooo limiting to the true power of WordPress in the past and such negative verbiage has virtually left the dialogue when WordPress comes up, thank thank heavens. Here we’re in spring of 20 17.
Still nowadays, after each one of these years, we use WordPress for the entire Here Next Year website-including the website component. Yes, the web site you`re on right now is using WordPress. You`re in the blog section where this specific post has commanded a #1, # 2, or # 3 search position on Google since about 20-minutes after we published it 7 years ago for the phrase “Why WordPress.” Therefore much for the the idea that blog posts get pushed down after-time. Go to any of the main pages of the site showcased in nevertheless, yep, the very best navigation and WordPress.
WordPress web sites offer much more than the few five or ten advantages you typically hear about. A blogging software-based website was referred to as of how websites are built as the new evolution. WordPress is the content management system sites and all web sites are compared to.
Before we get into the meat of the real reasons why we feel WordPress is so so excellent, let`s get rid of another myth while we`re at it: A blog is a website-a website is a blog. There’s NO difference. Basically was to use a metaphor Blogs have a couple more cylinders under the hood. In fact, I wrote a post that suggested your WordPress website is the very heart of ALL of your Web marketing initiatives. I don`t know why the power of WordPress is nonetheless being so underrated after every one of these years, because I believe this beloved software was responsible for companies no lengthier being held hostage with their designers and digital assistants. Owners could effortlessly discover the basic functions of adding and altering content on their internet sites. And, the market was changed by that!
Here are causes why WordPress websites are better than traditional websites

Growth potential

No need to up date navigation when you add pages; hyperlinks to new pages is going to be added instantly based on what “category” or categories you assign your posts and pages to. This occurs in the admin area instead of manually modifying javascript menus and complex PHP contain documents.

Easy Setup for Mobile Responsive

Notice in the “mobile readiness” advantage, I didn`t describe WordPress as an out-of-the-box “mobile responsive” software. You have to use a cellular responsive concept, a plugin that converts your site`s look to cell responsive or customize your CSS file(s) manually for accurate mobile responsiveness. And, don`t neglect that you will need a cell responsive design to attain a really cellular responsive WordPress website. My point is that is one of the one of the best causes WordPress ought to be considered and that you are given options for creating a mobile responsive website by WordPress. The craze in websitedesign these times is to create your website to be seen on mobile products first-and desktops and notebooks a significantly distant second. Are you able to believe we`ve come to that??!

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Re-Ignite Your Ideas

By having the ability to a DD content to your Web site in an in a fashion that which is easy, fast, and requires no technical skill, you’ll be surprised how ideas for “what to add” will no longer be a difficulty. In fact, you`ll be more worried about things to write about-.first! Create content about merchandise product critiques, business happenings, or academic actions. The limits are truly countless. You`ll never run out of things to enhance your blog.

One-Step Posting

It might sound like I`m repeating myself with “ease of use” or “ease of learning” already listed as a benefit, but this one is different. How many ways are there to add content to a Web site where you genuinely only click a single-button to generate the content seem on the web that is stay? Only one that I`ve identified and it`s through website pc software. There are 5 no 10 or even 3-step processes to to create content reside. It`s one single-step. Continue reading “WordPress or custom website. Why WordPress are Better in 2017”


Usability of a website checklist in 2017

I’ve been pondering a lot lately about my process. Experience is a potent point, but it is unusual that we attempt to map out what we know and really sit down.
I Have decided to discuss this checklist while it is portion of one of my paid choices. A couple of disclaimers: First, I don’t claim this listing is special or extensive. Jakob Nielsen has a great 113-point checklist for example, Homepage Usability, in his e-book. That is just my way of organizing what I feel is crucial while attempting to keep it manageable. Second, my usage of terms might vary from yours. I use “usability” in an extremely broad sense, and my use of “accessibility” isn’t quite industry standard. Do not like it? Write your own checklist 😉 Lastly, an advance warning that this post is quite lengthy.
Basic Overview
The listing is divided into 4 approximately equal sections, (I) Accessibility, (II) Identification, (I-II) Navigation, and (IV) Content. I’ll rationalize and explain all the sections and line items under, but you can obtain the checklist as a simple, 1-page PDF.
I try to keep it simple with 3 fundamental scores: (1) Green Check Always = Great/Move, (2) Red Check = Wants work, but no disaster, (3) Red X = Negative/Fail. Not allpoints are necessarily relevant to all or any sites.

Navigation Labels Are Clear & Concise

Don’t say “Communicate Online With Our Group” when “Contact U-S” will do just fine. Your main navigation ought to be simple for mere mortals, and short, to the stage to grasp.

Home-page Is Digestible In 5 Seconds

In usability, we often discuss concerning the 5-second rule. There’s some disagreement over exactly how many seconds you get, but readers really are a fickle bunch, plus they need to get the basic gist of your home page in just several moments.

Site Has Custom Not-found/404 Page

In case a page on your own site doesn’t exist, a white page with “4 4 Perhaps Not Found” is a good way to shed a consumer. Create a custom 404 page, preferably one that guides your guests to content.

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URLs Are Meaningful & Consumer-friendly

This is really a point of some debate, but significant key-word-centered URLs are usually great for both guests and lookup engines. You don’t have to reengineer an entire site to get URLs that are new, but do what you can to make them helpful and descriptive. Continue reading “Usability of a website checklist in 2017”

On page SEO audit & checklist for 2017

On Page SEO” Checks That is the biggest area on the audit. It addresses the way to analyze personal webpages in bulk to uncover problems with with all the site.

Title Missing

What are missing title tags? Not having an input in to how search engines are seeing your page titles. Why do title tags that are lacking issue? Page titles are an element that is ranking, they tell search engines what your page is about. Does not give the consumer a clear indication regarding what the content on the page is about. How could I check if I`m missing ? Using the title tab in Screaming Frog.

302 redirects

What is a 302 redirect? Tells lookup engines a page continues to be moved temporarily. Why do 302 redirects issue? 302 re-directs don’t move SEO equity, in case you redirect a a typical page, meaning, the link worth does perhaps not pass-through. Because Google believes a T some stage you may revert back to the redirected url it may prevent content. How could I check for 302 redirects? Screaming Frog Redirect Checker

Authorship markup (rel=’author’ or rel=’me’)

What is Authorship markup? Shows a rich snippet of the writer in the SERP. Attributes content on a page or post into a particular author (i.e. digital signature) Why does authorship mark up matter? Currently authorship mark-up has been suspended by Google; however might carry it back it in future. If I ‘ve Authorship markup, how can I check? Verify with Google Structured Information Screening device.

Check for Redirect Chains

What are re direct chains? A string of numerous re-directs from one location to another. Why do redirect chains matter? Having too many redirects may trigger the Googlebot to eventually quit following the chain You lose “link juice” with each redirect. How am I able to check for re-direct chains? Screaming Frog

Check for rel=nofollow Stats

What is rel=”no follow”? A command telling Googlebot perhaps not to pass credit, trust or any equity by means of a link. Why do no-follow links issue: Should you would like to pass hyperlink equity via an internal link on your own site or via an out bound link If you`re hyperlink building and acquiring nofollow links, you`re getting diminished returns in your effort How can I check for no-follow hyperlinks: Majestic Screaming Frog A nofollow browser plugin

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Missing Meta Descriptions

What are missing meta descriptions? When you don`t enter your own meta-description, Google takes what it thinks is the most descriptive element of the content and utilizes it for the snippet to display consumers in the SERP. Why do meta-descriptions issue? While filling out the meta-description has become less important to tell the search engines what your page is about, it`s still a great place to put in keyword phrases and language that may elicit a click from the user. By not filling the meta description out, you miss the chance to frame your snippet the way that you want it to study. How could I check the for meta description that is lacking? Screaming Frog > Meta description

Check for Damaged redirects

What’re re directs that are broken? A link that requires you to an error page. Do re-directs that are damaged issue? Lead to negative user experience Low quality score of your website Negatively aff ect your ranking in the SERPs How am I able to check for broken redirects? Screaming Frog Google Web Master Tools > Crawl Errors

Mobile website benefits. Why it important in 2017

Is it possible to recall the last time you had been holding your smartphone? Needless to say, you’re able to! It was likely only several minutes ago. Actually, if you`re component of the steadily increasing amount of web users who do the bulk of the website exploring using their handheld devices, chances are good you`re holding your smartphone right now to view this article.
What exactly is a mobile-optimized web site?
For people, a mobile-optimized website is greater than a version of a conventional, desk-top-friendly web site. Mobile design not only suits a screen that is smaller, but it brings with it many other other constraints too. What is needed for the customer impacts the approach we consider to enhance the site for mobile.
It depends on the circumstance. Depending on the website that`s currently in place for a customer, the most useful method might be to generate a dedicated mobile site that allows consumers to swap between the two versions as they see fit.
Responsive Style for MobileOtherwise, in case the client`s web site is new enough and created using a contemporary frame work, you could use responsive style to discover what device it’s being used and the site immediately will adjust to to suit the screen-size ” a web site chameleon in the event you will.

Traits of mobile-optimized websites

There are lots of ways to optimize a website for the cellular-viewing expertise. Here are some traits we frequently see in websites which were implemented with cell in thoughts:

Mobile customers have plenty to the go.

In other words, folks with smart-phones are multitaskers who make utilization of numerous screens. They are able deliver a tweet to check always Fb, appear up the best way to get somewhere, and verify the climate in less than one minute.
To keep them on your website long enough to locate the things they want before switching screens, your site should be mobile-optimized ” meaning it must meet the requirements in the list above.
Not only do you want to grab a site visitor`s attention right a way, you`ll have also made it easier for them to pick up where they left off on your site before they certainly were were interrupted by answering a text.
Mobile landing webpages require diverse techniques.
Although it requires some effort to get it up and running, a mobile-optimized web site is a point that is valuable for the reason that it lets you target messages to suit individuals who are on the go. For instance, including the most important information about your company, you ought to only be on your site that is cellular.
Visitors don`t need wordy mission statements, access to all of your previous press-releases, or an extended history about how your company came to be. Bearing this specific in brain, landing webpages that are cellular offer you the chance to actually streamline your message which means that your customers can hear you in such a crowded arena.

Load time

Let`s say you have 2 web sites: desktop and mobile. Somebody shares via email or instant messaging your desktop URL, and also the link was hit by the recipient on a cellular system. Result? Bad user-experience due in the event the mobile network is weak, to loading time, that will possibly end up as a bounced visitor. You`ve just lost a possible client. And, chatting about pace, let`s consider the other way round: mobile optimized websites load quicker on desktop and notebooks!

Most people have picked cell.

The No. 1 purpose to make positive your company`s web site seems good and functions close to everyone`s cellular devices is merely because so several folks have one, including your prospective clients. About two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone and 87 % of millennials have their smart-phone a-T their side day and evening.
Many folks have currently been using tablets and smart phones while seniors and young students are just beginning to learn how useful they can be. Either way, you want to generate sure your on the web existence is functional and attractive for the increasing quantity of people who will be accessing your site through laptops, tablets and their phones.

Google favors responsiveness that is mobile.
Having a good-seeking mobile-website won`t just please your site guests; it will impress Google. In April 2015, Google started to use cell-friendliness as a parameter for offering better research search engine rankings. This means it ranks a website higher if it is optimized for viewing that is mobile.
Google states it made this change to produce it simpler for its users to get “relevant, high-quality search results which are optimized for their devices.” This is why Search Engine Optimization companies make mobile-website optimization a big part of the SEO strategies.

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Mises Institute Cell Website

Kanopi Studios created a responsive website for non profit client The Mises Institute having a content strategy designed to account specific content on landing pages and also a concentrate on user experience.

Sightglass Coffee Cellular Site

Kanopi Studios created a mobile-friendly web site for Sight Glass Coffee that high lights the business`s espresso products, making them easy to find for mobile users. The cellular website also features a brilliant-simple checkout process for users on the go.
Mobile buyers search for clearance items, discover coupons, and use their phones to investigation sales. Whether they do this via e-newsletters, or simply walking the aisles of the retailer, a person is about making one more serious and with a cell phone can research their purchase. In fact, 93 percent of people who use their cellular device to re-search a product will fundamentally make a purchase.

Improved accessibility

Same scenario. Do I need to list every-thing? Tiny fonts, elongated layout, pinch-and-scroll, etc. These WOn’t only aff ect impaired consumers, but will annoy any other user too.